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Word Counts 

Here's a guide to how many words your articles should be, it is important to keep to these limits - any longer and readers will not stick around. guidelines:

Reviews:  300 - 500 

Interviews:  1000 - 2500 

Columns: 400 - 1000

News item: 500 - 900

Top List: 300 - 500

TheGayUK Magazine

Reviews: 50 - 300 (absolute max)

Interviews: Up to 5000 words, please speak to editorial before undertaking any interviews.

Columns: Up to 1000

Star Rating

If you are sending a review please ensure there is a star rating. If you are sending in a Tech Review please download the tech review template from the hub.

★ Truly dreadful to point of walking out

★★ Pah, it was just viewable

★★★ Good to watch - wouldn't see it again

★★★★ So glad I saw it, would see it again

★★★★★ I am dragging my friends by the hair to see it... The best thing I've ever seen.


In order that we reach a house style we ask that you pay attention to the following formatting requests.

  • Please ensure your article is NOT justify text. Please align your text to the left. 
  • Make sure the font is a standard font and that it is at around 12 points.
  • Spellings should be English (British).
  • There is just one space after a full-stop. 
  • Let's try and eradicate ... , -, and !  Use full stops or commas. This makes your copy much stronger. 
  • Make sure you think about your its and it's.  "It's" = "it is". "Its" is the possessive. 
  • Their, they're and there.


Please ensure you supply suitable pictures if you are doing a film or theatre review. Your contact should have provided you with some photos. Please do not take pictures off another website or from Google Images. Please make sure you also give the credit details to, please confirm with your contact who the credits should be of. 

Sizes should be at least 600 pixels wide. 

If you are using Getty images to source your picture please include the embed code or the URL of the picture rather than upload the picture to this service. If you need advice on this please email editorial.

If you are using Flickr to source your pictures please ensure you read the policy on using creative common's pictures. Information can be found at 

Please note you are solely responsible for the pictures you upload. By uploading content to this submit service you are acknowledging that you have obtained all the rights necessary to publish. If in doubt please don't upload a picture. 

Rights of publication

By uploading your content to TheGayUK you are granting us right to publish, store, reproduce, utilise, broadcast your content free from constraints and compensation in perpetuity, unless there is specific legal requirements for us to remove the content.

Submission is construed as acceptance of our editorial policy and permission to publish, without further correspondence. Remuneration (if any) for works supplied is at our usual rate and must be agreed upon before submission. 

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